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Courtney Kibbe Feb 4 Staff & Faculty Information / How-to

** Archive Mailbox must be enabled first by the Exchange Administrator for your mailbox **

Once the Exch Admin enables the archive feature for your mailbox, you will see another mailbox in Outlook's left column.  It may take an hour for it to appear after it has been enabled.

Expand the archive mailbox and create subfolders (right click Inbox and select New Folder)

Move emails that need to be retained by dragging and dropping them into a subfolder of the archive mailbox


Archive Mailbox Information:

The archive mailbox is a separate mailbox that has less restrictions for mailbox size and retention.

There has to be a connection to the Exchange server to view the archived emails. If you are traveling and do not have an internet connection, the archive mailbox will be inaccessible. However, once you have reconnected to the internet (Wifi or tethered to your mobile) it will be accessible again.

Outlook for Mac does not currently allow dragging and dropping of multiple emails into the archive mailbox.

The archive mailbox is accessible via OWA (

To move contents of a pst into this archive folder, you will need to open the pst in Outlook and then drag and drop the emails over.

Courtney Kibbe Feb 4 Student Information / How-to

** You must have an LA Film account before access LA Film Google accounts **

** If you cannot login, please verify your password or even reset it using the "Forgot Password" button at **

Google Accounts are created for you after you have created your LA Film account.  You can use Google's Gmail, Drive, and other apps.  You can continue to use your Google account even after graduating from the LA Film School.

!) Open a browser and go to

2) You will be redirected to Goolge and you need to enter your LA Film email address and account password.  The password is the same for all your other LA Film accounts (portal, cvportal, LMS, etc).

Courtney Kibbe Feb 4 Student Information / How-to

** You must have created an LA Film account before connecting to the wireless network. **

** If you have problems getting the login prompt, verify your DNS does not have manual entries **

When on LA Film campus, you can access the wireless network dedicated to LA Film students.

1) Connect your wireless device to the Students network.  

2) Once connected, you will see an LA Film pop up that includes a usage agreement and fields to enter your LA Film credentials, which is typically first initial dot last name.  Do not append the  Ex. a.smith.  If you do not see the pop up, try opening a browser and going to any page.

3) Once you read and agree to the agreement and enter your LA Film credentials you will be connected to the Student wireless network.

Courtney Kibbe Feb 4 Student Information / How-to

Students need to create their accounts by opening a browser and typing in the address bar.  Click on the "Create Account" link, enter the information requested in the fields.  The students will enter a password that they choose, but must match the character requirements.  The student's username will be emailed to their personal email account.

Once the account has been created, the student will be allowed to access, LMS, and other LA Film sites.  LA Film Google accounts take about 15 - 30 minutes to allow access.


Useful Information:

Tutorial on how to check your schedule:

LA Film Google account:

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